White Door (finished with white primer)

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Our lead lined doors are made to block radiation from leaving the room, allowing other patients in the practice and staff to be hidden from its effects. The doors are made to measure, which means that the doors can fit different sizes of opening. This allows there to be extra protection, so that no radiation can leak through.

Our doors our built with Code 3 lead protection. Equivalent to 1.32 mm of lead lining. Our windows are also code 3. If you require any other code we can build to order.

At The X-Ray Door Company, we have a range of lead lined doors with different finishing and looks. We have a lot of experience creating these doors which we do using our tried and tested manufacturing methods, which gives maximum radiation protection.

Our standard size is 1981 x 762 x 35mm however as our doors are made to order we can customise this to suit your requirements.

This white door is finished with white primer, ready for you to apply your final coat.