Leaded X-Ray doors

When you are designing buildings for the healthcare industry, you need to ensure that you are taking into account the needs of doctors and nurses, as well as staying compliant with building codes and health standards. In most medical practices, lead-lined doors are a necessity, as they shield patients and medical providers from radiation produced by X-ray machines and other imaging equipment.

Lead-lined doors are used in the health sector to ensure the insolation of X-ray rooms. It offers protection from radiation to those not inside of the room. One x-ray releases the same amount of radiation that is equivalent to a few days’ worths of naturally occurring background radiation. For health professionals, this can be a safety hazard, as doing multiple x-rays a day can have some health risks, including leading to cancer. 

 While X-rays and gamma rays are very important medical tools, as mentioned above, prolonged or repeated exposure to these waves causes harm to the body at a cellular level. The lead found in radiation-shielded doors (leaded x-ray doors) is extremely dense, more than iron or concrete, which allows it to block radiation even in relatively thin sheets, keeping those on the other side of it safe from the rays. Lead actually absorbs the energy from X-rays or gamma rays and releases it as heat, dissipating it harmlessly.

Lead-lined doors stop this radiation and therefore keep health staff and those in the practice safe whilst X-rays are occurring. The door leaf contains around two 1mm layers of lead that can overlap with the lead inserts in the walls of an X-ray room to ensure maximum isolation is achieved. 

 Environments, where leaded doors are needed, is:


  • Doctor’s surgeries
  • Medical centres
  • Veterinary practices
  • Dental surgeries
  • Laboratories
  • Universities

 When choosing the doors you put in medical practices, you don’t just need to think about radiation protection, as important as that is. You also need to consider noise reduction and fire safety. Leaded X-ray doors can provide both of these protections. Of course, radiation protection is just one element of healthcare doors. 

At The X-ray door company, we offer an outstanding range of doors that can be used in all of these scenarios. We have many years of experience in manufacturing these doors and can guide you through all the options available. 

Even though you might need the leaded door for a very specific reason, we can still offer design finishes that can allow you to make it fit in with your surrounding's design. We also have multiple colours available and you have the option to choose one with a window or without. 

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